Help Getting Started

Starter Pack Device Usage

Remove the colored cap from the pod and click it down into the device as shown in the diagram to the right. The white light should flash once contact is made. To remove simply pull the pod out of the device. You do not have to empty the pod and can switch them out at will if you chose. Leaking should not occur during swaps.

Little to no vapor?

  • Does it charge?
  • Does the white light appear during pod insertion?
  • Does the device display the battery level when tapped?

Try testing with a few different pods to help troubleshoot.

If the device is charging as expected and pods are recognized, we recommend taking a few draws on the device to create vapor.

Pro tip: When drawing on the device, pull slowly with mouth applying a small amount of vacuum to the device’s mouthpiece. Take a ten second break in between draws.

Charging Issues?

Make sure to charge your device via USB port for at least 1 hour. We recommend trying alternate ports if you are not seeing a charge. One thing that helps most with this issue is cleaning. Please try the following and let us know if your device is recognized when placed on the charger. Lightly moisten a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol. Clean off the device's charge contacts, the pins inside device where the pod sits, and the pod's connector pads.

Pro tip: Use a small magnet to remove metallic debris from the device's charge contacts.

LED indicator meanings

Common LED indicator meanings:

Battery Level:

  • green = high
  • yellow = medium
  • red = low

Device Use:

  • white = pod insertion / during use
  • white/green = charging
  • Rainbow = this typically occurs when wildly waving the device around. Yes, that’s by design.

Leaky Pods?

Sorry to hear about the troubles encountered with leaky pods. To start, let us know where the leak occurred?

Leaking in device?

  • We recommend a gentle puff on the mouthpiece as puffing hard can force e-liquid up into the air path.
  • If you notice any leaking on the bottom of the pod, wipe it off before inserting in the JUUL. It's also important to clean the inside of your device where the pod snaps into place. To clean your device, lightly dampen a cotton swab with just a bit of isopropyl alcohol and gently swab the area. Once you're done, use the other end of your cotton swab to dry the area.
  • Storing your pods in a dry place at room temperature and removing the pod from the device for long term storage can also help to reduce leaking.

Leaking in package?

If you see any leaking on the pods upon opening the package, we recommend wiping off the pods before inserting. If your pods have leaked excessively inside the package, please contact us at with a photo and we will get you taken care of asap.

Need an extra charger?

We don’t sell the chargers individually currently. But you can go HERE to buy compatible chargers for your device.

Note: All JUUL compatible chargers are also compatible with our device.

Need even more help? Not to worry!

Email us at or visit the Contact Page and send us a message. We will do whatever we can to help!

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